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Medical Pills to improve potency

Super capsules

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Alternative medicine for man

Okra Oyster Viagra 

men's pills to enhance 50p'c's / box natural supplements strong erection

Okra Oyster Viagra super capsules designed for men :

*designed for all age groups

*Fast result in 30 minutes

*compatible with alcoholic beverages4п*no side affects

*consisting of only natural ingrediкents used in traditional oriental medicine

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Main functionsproduct information

How to work?

 By supplementing sponge body blood circulation.Supplementing kidney function system, strengthen the male testosterone. Stimulate the male desire. Enhancing erectile function penis size, prevent premature ejaculation. The strongest quick effect in 30 minutes. Instant action: a quick action that improves the effect of tablets for men, the addition of Viagra for men.


Quick Start Guide Butea Superba

Butea Superba is another name Red Tongkat Ali

Methods: take 2 tablets.

ATTENTION: this product should not be used effectively once or one day. Need to eat every day. So keep eating every day.

2 bottles is a period of treatment, after 2 bottles, you will find half the body better than before.


Eurycoma longifolia 

tall, slender evergreen shrub, commonly found in Southeast Asia. improves their sexual ability and masculinity,for sexual desire and male infertility. Useful for men with erectile dysfunction.Treats lower back pain,Indigestion,
arthritis,fever,ulcer,tuberculosis,bone pain,headache. 


Goryanka herb extract

Natural aphrodisiac,increases the level of testosterone and nitrite oxide,the number of sperm,stimulates the nerve endings of the penis.Due to the large content of icariin increases potency and libido. 


Polygonum Cuspidatum

This plant is rapidly growing and is used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to combat gastrointestinal diseases and to improve blood circulation (as well as for cancer prevention, which, in fact, has not been confirmed), to improve blood circulation and heart problems. It is a source of resveratrol, which is mainly responsible for the beneficial properties of the plant.


kora yohimbre

Natural,aphrodisiac,powerfully enhances sexual desire. Improves potency,the effectiveness of yohimbine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction  ,stimulate spinal centers of erection and ejaculation,improves psycho-emotion state.



Alpha-amino acid contributes to the body's development of L-arginine,makes an erection powerful and durable,increases the blood circulation of the pelvis,increases the elasticity of blood vessels.

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 and get one free package as a gift

Price:50$ per package

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Medical Pills to improve potency

Super capsules